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Valve Tyco & Phụ kiện

  • Chuông báo động nước Tyco

Chuông báo động nước Tyco

Mã sản phẩm: WMA-1
Hãng sản xuất: Tyco
Xuất xứ: China
Thông tin chi tiết



TheModel WMA-1Water MotorAlarm is a hydraulically operated outdoor alarmdesigned for use with fire protec- tion system waterflow detection valves. It is lightweight yet rugged, and it can be used in conjunction with alarm check, dry pipe, deluge, and preaction valves to sound a local alarm.
The Water Motor Alarm is suitable for mounting to any type of rigid wall and can accommodate a wall thickness range of 2 to 18 inches (50 to 450mm). It is provided with a listed and ap- proved Model WM-1 Y-Strainer for use in the alarm line.
The WMA-1 utilizes a lightweight, im- peller design which can produce a very high sound pressure level. The Gong, Gong Mount, and Water Motor Hous- ing are fabricated fromcorrosion resis- tant aluminum alloys. The polymer drive bearings do not require lubrica- tion, and the Gong is closely fitted to the Gong Mount to eliminate the need for a separate cover.
TheModelWMA-1Water MotorAlarm is a redesignation for the Central Model F-2, Gem Model F630, and Star Model S450.

Technical Data
UL and ULC Listed.
FM, LPCB, and VdS Approved.
Gong Finish
Red or Aluminum
Working Water Pressure Range
Nozzle K-Factor
0.7 GPM/psi
1/2 (10,1 LPM/bar1/2)
3/4 inch, cast iron, 20 mesh screen
Trim Components
Galvanized steel nipples and cast iron fittings.

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